For the school bus rules violation in Canada you can lose driver license

Soon the drivers in Canada may be deprived of their driving license if they do not give way to a school bus.

The new law will start on December 8th, such change is a response to a series of incidents in Canada, where children were injured or got into a dangerous situation when they were getting on or off a school bus.

The punishment for not stopping in front of the school bus will include 12 penalty points (compared to the current eight points) and a three-month suspension of driving license, as well as a fine of $5000 (compared to the previous fine of $ 1000).

Also to remind you, every winter in Winnipeg there is special parking rules implemented to help snow cleaning services move the equipment around the city and clean the streets to make it possible and safe to drive and get to work and back home. The city authorities use special signs to mark places that are prohibited from parking, which are priorities for snow removal.

There are two signs that drivers can search to avoid parking in the wrong place.

In Winnipeg there are five types of parking ban:

Annual Snow Route Parking Ban: Parking is prohibited between 2 and 7 am.

Declared Snow Route Parking Ban: if emergency snow clearance is required, the annual parking ban is at 12 am.

Residential Parking Ban: used in extreme snowfalls, where all residential streets are assigned a snow zone that determines when there will be a 12-hour snow clearance period on the street.

Snow Emergency: The mayor can announce this at any time.

Temporary No Parking: Signs will appear indicating that individual streets are temporarily in the process of clearing snow.

Vehicles parked in any of these areas will receive a $ 100 fine, the bans will be valid until March 1st. Fellow Winnipeggers let`s all be responsible and polite drivers, it is easy just to follow the rules and parking signs, city authorities are working to do everything to make Winnipeg great and safe place to work and to live in!