Peggo glitches are beneficial for some Winnipeg residents

Peggo glitches are beneficial for some Winnipeg residents

Peggo blocks cards and gives some clients free Winnipeg Transit bus rides.

Winnipeg resident says that lately there have often been glitches concerning Peggo cards.

Shania Wollmann explains that Peggo is a great system but it needs some improvements. Some time ago, Wollmann got an email that her card was stolen, so it was blocked and she could not use it. However, the woman said that it was in her wallet.

Another system glitch is that some people get free Winnipeg Transit rides. It is not surprising that they are happy about it, but this is unfair to taxpayers who pay for these tickets. The representative of Winnipeg Transit said that the company is trying to solve the current problem as soon as possible.

Winnipeg Transit had to refund 10,000 dollars after 153 people did not receive their online order, which was paid via Peggo. The city informs that people who got free trips are not going to pay for them. This is a payment system problem, and the customers are not guilty.

However, many people are very disappointed and the payment system risks losing many customers if the situation does not become better in the near future.

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