First rail tourists depart for Churchill on Sunday

First rail tourists depart for Churchill on Sunday

The railway is open: people can travel from Winnipeg to Churchill starting from Sunday, December 2.

In May 2017, the railway was closed and Churchill remained cut off from other Canadian cities. The closure was due to heavy flooding in 20 different sections of the railway.

Locals felt great discomfort during that period and price increased in the city, as the railway was the only connection with the surrounding world, except for airplanes. Many people had to miss important events from the life of their friends and relatives living in other cities and provinces due to expensive airline tickets. Also, some city residents lost their jobs.

Now Churchill inhabitants breathe a sigh of relief, life returns to their area.

Brian Reid now lives in Winnipeg, but the man used to live in Churchill. He understands how important this event is for the locals due to the fact that his friends remained there. He became one of those passengers who went on the first train trip on Sunday afternoon after the opening of the railway.

Brian Reid said that he wanted to finally see his friends because they were isolated from each other for a year and a half. The man also said that he used to constantly travel by train while he lived in Churchill, and he missed this transport very much.

The departure of the train was scheduled for 12.05, but it left a little later - almost at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Estimated arrival time is at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, December 4. The distance between these two cities is about 1000 km.

Brian Reid also added that despite the fact that his journey will be quite long, he believes that it will be fun and very interesting.  

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