Online course for young people looking for a job is starting in Manitoba

Online course for young people looking for a job is starting in Manitoba

Manitoba Federation of Labour together with Manitoba government created an online course for young people that will help them get ready for future work.

Residents of the province of 13-16 years should not work, but they can raise their awareness before the start of their working life in the future. Blaine Pedersen, Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister, reported that this online course can be very useful for all young people in the province. They will be able to find out important information that they need to know before finding their first job.

So, young people can learn more about the working world as a whole, and where to find information about the future workplace.

In addition, they will be able to examine the company's payment statement.

They will learn the duties and rights of the employee and the employer and learn how to solve this or that work problem.

Chief operating officer of SAFE Work Manitoba noted that this online course will increase the awareness of young people of how to work safely. If an employer wants to hire a person under 16 years old, he can show the certificate of successful completion of the course. Thus, this course relieves employers from applying to the government for permission to hire a young employee.

Manitoba was the only province in the country requiring official confirmation from the state that a person under 16 could start working. However, the ban on work for persons under the age of 13 is still relevant, even after completing the online course.

There are certain restrictions, according to which a person under 16 has no right to work:

- construction sites;

- objects at a height of over 1.5 meters;

- using various chemicals;

- without the supervision of adults.

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