Wildlife biologist concerns about the province’s moose population

Wildlife biologist concerns about the province’s moose population

Vince Crichton, a retired wildlife biologist, is worried about too low moose population in Manitoba.

He explains that the province should expand hunting ban in order to save the species from extinction. Unfortunately, over the last decades, there has been a significant decrease in the number of moose in the province. This is primarily due to people hunting for them. Besides this, moose have some diseases, they get hit by vehicles, and are eaten by wolves.

If this continues, very soon moose will not remain in Manitoba. In some areas of the province, there is already a ban on hunting, a biologist asks the state to extend this ban on the rest of the province.

Manitoba Sustainable Development had several consultations with First Nations and Metis communities. As it became known, David Chartrand, Manitoba Metis Federation president was against new bans. Grand Chief Jerry Daniels stated that this is not the solution to the existing problem.

David Chartrand also noted that his people want to continue eating moose meat as they had done it for thousands of years.

In January, Vince Crichton will meet Sustainable Development Minister to speak about this issue once again. 

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