Guido Amsel wants to appeal: he says he is not guilty

Guido Amsel wants to appeal: he says he is not guilty

A Manitoba man who has been sentenced to life imprisonment wants to appeal.

It all started with a trial between Guido Amsel and his wife that lasted a very long time and it ended with the arrest of the man.

Last month Amsel, was accused of several attempts of premeditated murder, as a result of which he received a life prison sentence. He sent 5 boxes with bombs in 2015: to his ex-wife, her lawyer, and several other people.

Fortunately, everyone was alive. However, the lawyer lost her right hand after the bomb exploded in her hands. The police were able to detect and neutralize other bombs before they could harm anyone else.

Now Guido Amsel is asking for permission to appeal. He accuses one of the three lawyers who took part in the court hearing, for conspiring against him and for unlawfully providing evidence. According to the man, his former wife was also involved in the conspiracy.

The man wants the court to quash his charges and find him innocent. At the moment, the court has not announced its decision yet. 

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Guido Amsel appeal life imprisonment