Churchill residents celebrate the arrival of the train

Churchill residents celebrate the arrival of the train

Churchill's hundreds of residents came together to express their joy at the arrival of the train. It was the first train that arrived in the city starting in May 2017.

People were having fun, rejoicing and celebrating that life finally returns to the city.

The train was supposed to arrive at about 9 in the morning, but it arrived at about midnight. However, this did not prevent people from coming and meeting it with bannock, hot dogs, cookies, music and games for children.

One of the residents of the city, Valerie Schweder, said that the closure of the railway had a great effect on her family. Life became very expensive in the city, the prices for food and gas have grown incredibly. As a single mother with 4 children, she had to count every penny to make ends meet. Even that did not help her, and Valerie could not ensure good living conditions to her children without the help of her family and her aunt.

Therefore, the return of the train was such a holiday for her. Schweder even took the children from school to show them the train. She also brought food for the celebration. Now a woman is interested when life in her city is going to return to normal and everything is the same as before, she is waiting for this very much.

Churchill's mayor was also present at the train meeting and he said that the event is really very exciting for the inhabitants of the city. He is looking forward to the future and new prosperity of the city. The train will be a lifeline, not only for Schweder but also for many other Churchill families.

The train travelers also joined the locals during the celebration, they wanted to share the joy of the people. Besides them, the train staff decided to take part in the party, despite being very tired after the 36-hour trip and the upcoming return way.

Recall that the railway was closed for about 1.5 year due to a huge flooding that washed out 20 different places of it. 

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