"Flying" Tesla Model S was caught on camera in Canada

"Flying" Tesla Model S was caught on camera in Canada

When you hear the phrase “flying Tesla”, the first Tesla Roadster sent to Mars comes to mind. However, in Canada, a completely different “flying” Tesla was caught on camera. It turned out to be a regular sedan Tesla Model S, the driver was too carried away by the dynamic capabilities of the electric car and did not notice the railway crossing. The speed was so high that the car used the railway crossing as a springboard and literally took off above the ground.

Thanks to the Tesla Model S battery placed in the floor, it has a very low center of gravity, which saved the vehicle from a rotating in the air and a higher flight path (however, even this flight was quite spectacular). We note that it was not possible to completely avoid the consequences - during the landing on the parking lot of the public school of the town of Barry (Ontario), the driver and his passenger were injured, after which the driver was arrested for dangerous driving.

Follow the link to see the security camera footage for yourself:


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