Audi Q5 Review - Canadian Market Version

Audi Q5 Review - Canadian Market Version

Today we are reviewing Audi Q5 the Canadian Market Version.

Nowadays no one is surprised by comfortable seats, a panoramic roof or acceleration to 100 in 6.3 seconds. What can this luxury crossover offer us and how does it differ from competitor`s models?

So: one of the most successful North American SUVs, stepping into the second generation, gained a pneumatic suspension, but lost the famous Torsen center differential, which now replaces the all-wheel-drive system “Quattro ultra”. What is it? The rear axle shuts down when not needed. But as soon as the electronics detect the conditions under which torque is required on the rear wheels (slip, drift, subzero temperatures, active pedaling), the rear axle is connected in literally milliseconds and is completely silent. Audi representatives assure that in no situation will the new “electronic Quattro” give in to the classic permanent all-wheel drive, neither in dynamics, nor in controllability, nor in traction control.

The new Q5 has updated the front and rear optics with bumpers and has slightly grown in length and width. Interior - nice plastic, excellent build quality, convenient control of almost all the bells and whistles on the steering wheel, a fully electronic dashboard that can show the map, phone calls and a lot of useful information. In addition, the second display between the driver and the passenger helps to deal with the GPS system and music.

The left hand on the steering wheel - with an incredibly comfortable branded Audi "cut chord" at the bottom, which allows you to choose any comfortable position of hands on it. Right on the automatic transmission control joystick, which plays the role of supporting the wrist, because in front of it is a control panel that includes a touchpad with integrated keys, controls for navigation/phone, radio and other media sources. Using the touchpad, you can enter an address for the navigation system, scale the map, and control the cursor in applications.

The instrument panel is electronic, easy to read and with a lot of settings, very convenient - no need to turn your head to the GPS screen.

In the parking lot, you can use the function of the automated parking system, which will deliver the car in a parallel parking spot if needed. In long hauls, you can only use the gas pedal: an adaptive cruise will independently brake the car after the accelerator is released, it is enough to set the trigger distance. Also, there is a system of reading road signs, which deserves a separate article. Do not expect that the car for you will get from point A to point B - you will have to actively control the steering wheel.

Comparing the Q5 with those close in spirit to the Mercedes-Benz GLC, then it can be noted that Audi, perhaps, is a bit more dynamic. But Mercedes traditionally strikes the imagination with a variety of modifications, which is only partially compensated by the presence of a nearly endless list of options in Q5.

The Bang & Olufsen system (there is simply nothing better in the world) installed on this car is amazing. I have never heard anything like it, the purest sound at any volume. This is just a paradise for music lovers when choosing a car, do not forget about this option - you will not regret!

The cost of the car in the basic configuration: 45,450 CAD.

This is simply a great car for the money!