Canada Post tells how to save parcels during holidays

Canada Post tells how to save parcels during holidays

The holiday season is the most popular season for online shopping: thousands of people buy gifts for their family members and friends online.

However, not only you are waiting for your parcels, thieves are waiting for them with the same excitement.

How to protect the parcels and not allow thieves to steal them? Canada Post shares helpful tips.


1. Change delivery address.

If you understand that most likely you will not be home when the package arrives, change the delivery address. It will be better if the courier delivers it to your work, to the home of one of your relatives or friends than it will lie on the threshold of your house the whole day.

2. Request a signature upon delivery.

However, this rule is not mandatory in many companies and you need to make a request.

3. Track your parcel.

Canada Post advises its customers not to neglect this free option. Install the mobile app and see where your package is located. In addition, all customers can receive notifications about the journey of the parcel.

4. Order the delivery of the parcel to the post office.

Today, Canada Post has more than 6,000 post offices in the country, and everyone can find an office close to his home. This way you will be sure that your package does not fall into the wrong hands and only you can pick it up.

FedEx and UPS also have a lot of post offices through the country. UPS My Choice even allows its customers to change the delivery address after the parcel has arrived, or to pick the parcel up at UPS Access Points such as shores, malls or cafes.

If you use FedEx then the parcel can be stored for up to 5 days at the post office. So, you will not worry that something can happen to it if you cannot pick it up on the day of delivery.

Purolator also offers clients an option of changing delivery locations and receiving the parcel at a shipping centre. If the courier brings the parcel and the recipient is not at home, he will not leave it on the threshold - the parcel will be delivered to the nearest postal office.

In some cases, the postal company charges an additional fee for changing delivery locations, all the information you can find on the official websites of all carriers.

You should also remember that if you buy something fragile and worry about its safety during transportation, you can order special packaging from the online store. This is a very common option and most online stores offer it to their customers.

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