Health Sciences Centre will conduct stem cell research

Health Sciences Centre will conduct stem cell research

Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre received $2 million donation for its research.

The centre reported on Wednesday that it received a large donation for stem cell research to help treat people that survived in fires in the province.

In the nearest future people with multiple burns can get less scars, less pain, and faster recovery with the help of HSC.

This donation will help the center develop in the direction that it previously could only have dreamed of. The stem cells will be taken directly from the patient and will be used to grow living cells for transplantation and for stimulating growth and regrowth of tissue. Stem cell will be grown in Health Sciences Centre laboratories.

The director of the centre, Dr. Ed Buchel, is incredibly happy and said that this will be a scientific breakthrough for the country because not all medical centres can boast of something similar. The centre has progressed very much in recent years and it has saved people who received burns up to 90% of the body. Every year about 100 people come to the center with the most complicated burns and they receive top-level treatment and high-quality service.

A special researcher who deals directly with stem cells will start working in the centre in the near future.

Health Sciences Centre will become the number one medical place that can conduct stem cell research at such a high level with very expensive equipment in the province, and possibly in the country.

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Health Sciences Centre stem cell research donation