Winnipeg does not want to pay for ambulance service in the future

Winnipeg does not want to pay for ambulance service in the future

The mayor of Winnipeg said the city plans to stop funding the operating of ambulance starting from 2019.

The city no longer plans to spend taxpayer money to support ambulance services. Bowman explains this decision by the fact that the ambulance is a provincial health-care service. Thus, the province should pay for its work.

On Wednesday city council's executive policy committee decided to stop funding by voting. Ambulance is a provincial service, respectively the provincial money should be allocated for its operating.

Bowman also said that the city will continue to serve as a contractor, but all costs should be given by the province.

The Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union asked the city and the province to come to the common decision as quickly as possible so that the residents of the city do not worry about their health in the future.

Winnipeggers are concerned a lot that the negotiations can lead to a deterioration in the quality of medical services, or to the fact that only a few ambulances will operate in the city. The representatives of MGEU said that they will demand that the quality of services remain at the same level.

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Ambulance funding provincial health-care service