Lorie Knott stated her boyfriend killed David Sanderson

Lorie Knott stated her boyfriend killed David Sanderson

Lorie Knott was arrested in murder charges that occurred in 2016. However, she stated that she had heard that her boyfriend, Billy Joe Linkater, told friends what really happened that night and admitted his guilt.

The man’s lawyers deny everything, and say that Lorie Knott lied. On Thursday in the court, Lorie reported that she had seen Billy Joe Linkater telling his friends about the murder: Billy said he took a knife in the kitchen and killed the man.

Lorie had not told about this before, because she wanted to protect her boyfriend. She only said that she was not present in the room where the accident occurred.   

Recall that David Sanderson was 50 and he died after he was stabbed and slashed 33 times in the face, head, arms, and legs in June 2016. His burned body was found after a man from a nearby house reported a fire.

Lorie Knott and Billy Joe Linkater were arrested and have been in custody since that day. They both did not admit their guilt. The trial began in late November and is scheduled to last about 4 weeks.

Lorie grew up in northern Manitoba and moved to Winnipeg 2 months before the murder. She met Billy and had a relationship with him for several weeks before they began living in his mother's house in June 2016. She also admitted in the court that she was addicted to drugs but Billy helped her become clean.

Lorie and Billy drank a lot of alcohol and used drugs that evening, and the girl practically does not remember what happened that night. She said that Sanderson was with them and was also drinking alcohol. At some point the men began to quarrel and she left the room. When the girl returned, she saw Sanderson sitting on the chair and his face was in the blood. Lorie ran to the victim and hugged him. In this regard, her sweater was with blood stains.

In the court, several videos from surveillance cameras were shown where Lori was clearly visible in that sweater, the analysis showed that there was the blood of the victim on it.

Attorney Billy suggested that it was Lorie who committed the murder because Sanderson offered her money for having sex with her. She denied everything. The girl only said that Billy had told her about that but she had not heard the direct offer from Sanderson.

The trial will continue on Friday. 

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