Dozens of cars were ticketed and towed in Exchange District, drivers are angry

Dozens of cars were ticketed and towed in Exchange District, drivers are angry

On Wednesday evening, many drivers expressed their anger when they saw that their cars were ticketed and towed in Exchange District.

The city reported that there were warning signs. However, many drivers denied that fact. They said that they did not see a single sign when they left their cars in Exchange District.

There was a busy night in the entertainment district on Wednesday. Chris Brett, a man who works in the theatre, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre's Tom Hendry Warehouse on Lily Street and Rupert Avenue, stated that he saw a lot of tow trucks near the theatre that night.

He took a break from his work and came out of the theatre building when he saw a lot of car lights on the street. After the tow trucks ticketed and towed the cars, a theater worker noticed several No Parking signs, however, he said that there were no such signs in the morning or in the afternoon when people left their cars there.  

The representative of the city explained that signs were placed around the perimeter about 24 hours before tow trucks arrived. He also stated that people should have paid attention to temporary indicators on signs, they were all with limited duration.

Now all the people whose cars were ticketed and towed should pay a fine of 150 dollars and after that they will be able to get their cars back. However, in addition to the fine, they still have to pay $120 for towing.

Jaime Carrasco came to Exchange District to have a rehearsal with his band. He left the car in the place where it was usually left. However, in the evening, when he finished the rehearsal and went outside, he saw that there was nothing.

The man said he was shocked. If there was a sign, he would have left the car in another place, as he never violates the law. He even reported that there were several dozens of other cars around his car at the moment he was parking.

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