Two ice fishermen saw cars driving on rather thin ice

Two ice fishermen saw cars driving on rather thin ice

Ice fishers are shocked: drivers drive along a frozen river as if on a regular road.

On Saturday afternoon two fishermen saw several vehicles driving on the Red River with the speed of about 100 km/h. Kevin Atamanchuk and Jeff Andrews were ice fishing when they heard the roar of motors. After a while ice near them began to crack.

Men were very surprised when they saw more than 10 cars that drove past them. They were very scared because that was a big danger to their lives.

Fishermen left the ice, but when they returned they saw the police car, the ambulance and the fire service there.

As it became known later, one of the cars broke the ice. Fortunately, everything ended well and the car was able to move before the help services arrived.

The fishermen said that the ice was very shaky when people were driving on it. They expressed their sincere bewilderment by not understanding how people could be so indifferent to their life.

The men screamed at the drivers to slow down, but they did not hear them, as they were driving too fast. The men were afraid for their lives, so they left the ice.

As reported by one of the fishermen, on Saturday the ice did not even reach a thickness of 30 cm, so it was too thin to bear the weight of 10-12 vehicles. He even did not risk to drive his car closer to the place of fishing.

The Lifesaving Society recommends not to tempt fate and not to drive on the ice until it becomes 40 cm thick.

The fishermen also said that one of the drivers returned from the incident and apologized for their silly behavior. In general, Kevin and Jeff were satisfied with their day, because the catch was very good.

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