Winnipeg's Welcome Place tries to make new refugee children feel comfortable

Winnipeg's Welcome Place tries to make new refugee children feel comfortable

Welcome Place will give gifts to about 40 new refugee children.

Children under 11 will get dolls or teddy bears, and the children above 11 will get a bag with journals, books and other things that can be interesting according to their age.

It is very important for children to feel comfortable in a new country, and such a toy as a doll or a teddy bear can become a great friend for the first time. This is very important because children not only get into a new country, they also get into a new culture and tradition, and the adaptation process should be as easy as possible for them.

In packages children will find dolls or teddy bears who are dressed in the clothes of the country where the children came from. As a rule, these are clothes with national elements of such countries as Syria, Eritrea, Congo, or Somalia. Older children will also find things related to their home countries in their packages.

Gail Harvey, the founder of the organization that provides gifts for children, explained that the organization helps a lot of refugees and it pays much time to find out how to make the whole process for refugee children easier and more comfortable. She said that national clothes and books about home countries can be really helpful. Moreover, a doll and a teddy bear can become excellent helpers in situations when children are scared.

On Monday, the first children's packages were given to a Congolese family who arrived in Winnipeg at the beginning of autumn. This family has 5 children and their father reported that he is very glad that having arrived in Canada his family received tremendous support.

The man added that the gifts that the children received at the beginning of the week are really very important for them and show that Canada cares not only for its residents but also for new families who have come to this country. Children older than 11 got footballs.

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