Churchill residents are happy to go shopping by train

Churchill residents are happy to go shopping by train

With the return of the train to the city, the residents of Churchill cannot stop rejoicing at the fact that life has come back to their native region and now they can go shopping in the south, or simply visit their friends and relatives.

A few days ago, the first train arrived at Churchill and brought travelers. Liza Spence did not leave Churchill more than 1.5 years, and on Tuesday evening she was among those residents of the city who bought a ticket to travel by train. She was going to Thompson, to the city where her sister and nephew lives. In addition, the woman intended to buy food and gifts for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Liza was genuinely pleased because after the flooding she lost the opportunity to leave the city: the only option was to buy plane tickets, but it was too expensive for her. Moreover, the aircraft schedule is such that the woman would have to stay away for a week.  

Liza said that prices are lower in Thompson than in Churchill, and the food is much fresher and of better quality. Therefore, she will regularly go there for shopping after the railway is finally repaired. The short distance between Churchill and Thompson allows her to make even a day trip.

For Liza Spence, going to the south for shopping is a kind of family tradition. She is looking forward to the moment when she is able to return to regular train journeys. This tradition is in the family of Liza since her childhood.

Alan Whitmore, another city resident, explained that he was going to buy fresh meat in Thompson. He also wanted to find presents for his wife. The train is the cheapest option for delivering goods to the city. So, the man hopes that deliveries will be improved in the near future and accordingly the prices will decrease. 

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