A woman from Brandon hopes to return decorations that were sold by mistake

A woman from Brandon hopes to return decorations that were sold by mistake

Darlene Eastcott, a woman living in Brandon, hopes for a Christmas miracle and wants to return her memorable decorations.

In May 2018 she got to hospital and her family offered to sell some things to help her in difficult situations. As it turned out after a while, a box with decorations was accidentally sold. When the woman found out about it, she was so upset that she almost burst into tears.

Darlene’s son was shocked when he found out that the decorations were sold by mistake. The woman admitted that there were things in the box that could not be returned: things that served as the memory of those people who are no longer alive.

Among other items, the box contained Christmas candles, a medallion with the inscription “Merry Christmas from Heaven”, a set of angel lights and many ceramic objects, as well as wreaths and other decorations.

The woman’s son remembers helping him carry the box to a van that belonged to a woman who bought all the decorations. Now Darlene is hoping that the description of the items that were in the box will help the buyer to remember all memorable things in the life and to return the box. Moreover, things from the box are not of particular value to other people.

Darlene decided to tell her story just before Christmas. During this period, the families are getting their holiday boxes to decorate their houses and maybe someone will be able to return such important and memorable things for her.

A woman's friends suggested she simply buy new decor but she hopes for a Christmas miracle and is going to refund the money spent on the purchase of her box.

Darlene Eastcott believes that everything is possible on Christmas. 

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