Winnipeg welcomes the first open skating rink at a St. Vital community centre

Winnipeg welcomes the first open skating rink at a St. Vital community centre

The first outdoor skating rink, which is accessible to all residents of the city, opened at a St. Vital community centre.

Starting from this week, any resident of the city can come and enjoy ice skating in the open air. The skating rink has a rather large size: 85 by 200 feet. This allows people of all ages and abilities to skate or to play hockey (even sledge hockey players will play freely).  

In addition, the skating rink has a special area where people can warm up, a rest area and lift bars, which will definitely make the rest as comfortable as possible. This project received funding in the summer of 2018, and it was estimated at $680,000.

Greg Westlake, Paralympic sledge hockey player, admitted that this skating rink is the best that he has ever seen in his life. The man was speaking not only about Winnipeg but about Canada in general.

Sledge Hockey Manitoba players, such as Sean Gilmour, helped to design the rink. Special attention was paid to the use of the rink by athletes with disabilities. When constructing even the smallest nuances were taken into account. For example, the size of the benches or the ability to open the door without any extra effort. Now such people can feel part of society and overcome all sorts of moral barriers.

The province already has similar rinks but they are all much smaller and located inside buildings. Playing sports in the fresh air is always more pleasant and fun, so the local residents like this rink so much. Moreover, Winnipeg will become an attractive city for residents of other cities. For sure, everyone will have a desire to spend time on such a wonderful skating rink. The mayor also thinks that the risk will gather people from the whole province to have fun there.

The rink is open every day, and various tournaments will be held periodically.

After the end of the winter season, a beach volleyball court will appear on the place of the rink.

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