Winnipeg charities are going through hard times

Winnipeg charities are going through hard times

This year during the festive season, many charities hope very much that people will not forget to make donations.

However, recently there has been a significant decrease in received funds. Due to this, charitable organizations have to compete fiercely among themselves for donor dollars.

Captain Bethany Dueck from the Salvation Army's Toy Mountain said that the number of toys this year is much lower than last several years.

The Salvation Army's Toy Mountain is not the only organization experiencing difficulties. According to the Christmas Cheer Board representatives, organizations need to raise over $800,000 to continue its operating in full.  

The decline in donations has become noticeable throughout the country. At the same time, Manitoba is still the most generous province: the number of people willing to make a donation has decreased, but the average check of donations has increased compared to 2-3 years ago.

The Christmas Cheer Board reported that they have already spent a large amount of money on the purchase of 17,000 hampers. Therefore, the organization hopes that city residents will make their donation this year not worse than the previous holiday season.

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