Do you want to have fun at Christmas? Take the dog from Winnipeg Humane Society

Do you want to have fun at Christmas? Take the dog from Winnipeg Humane Society

If you want to add fun to your holiday, you have such an option now. The Winnipeg Humane Society offers city residents the opportunity to celebrate Christmas and other holidays during this festive season with a new friend.

This option can become a great way to check whether you, your children and other members of your family are ready for long-term commitments. You can go to Humane Society and take a medium or large dog to your family for the weekend. This will help to check how the family will take care of the animals, and after the weekend you may not want to give the dog back.

The representative of the organization says that this opportunity will be useful not only for people who want to know what it is like to live with a dog but also for animals. Dogs are very social animals and they miss communicating with people. Even one weekend spent in a circle of people can have huge benefits for their health.

The organization is primarily a shelter, and the dogs there do not have the possibility of close and constant contact with people. In addition to this, on holidays there is a problem with the staff. Therefore, taking the dog for the holidays you will help yourself, the dog, and the shelter.

City ​​residents should also remember that if suddenly after the weekend they want to return the dog to the shelter, they will not be looked at with condemnation. Very often, people want to have a pet, but when it appears in their house, they understand that they are not ready for the responsibility and throw it on the street. In such situations, it is better to check before making a serious decision. Animals are not toys, people should remember this.

You can find out more information and learn how to take part in the program on the official website of the Winnipeg Humane Society. 

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