Manitoba critical incident reports show a lot of mistakes in cancer treatment

Manitoba critical incident reports show a lot of mistakes in cancer treatment

In most cases, treatment goes according to plan and helps patients. However, recent reports make Manitoba people think a lot about provincial medical system.

Manitoba Health released reports that showed that more than 40 mistakes in cancer treatment were recorded. Namely, the operation was performed on the wrong patient and there were cases when doctors swapped the tests.

At the end of 2017, Manitoba’s doctors performed an operation on a patient with breast cancer, and only later it was discovered that the patient was wrong. The person who had a lumpectomy was actually healthy. However, a patient with cancer was told that he had no disease - breast tissue samples mixed up and the diagnosis was wrong.

In addition, several times the analyzes were mixed up. This was not the first case of medical negligence in relation to patients in the province.

Also, another case was recorded when the patient was treated for the wrong type of cancer and several treatments of other patients were delayed which led to the deterioration of health. The doctor was given medical reports of other patients.

According to the Manitoba Nurses Union, cancer treatment is very active and effective at the moment. However, there is a big problem in the lack of staff and in the overworking of nurses. In addition, the province does not allocate additional funds to support new research, and to increase medical staff in some clinics.

CancerCare Manitoba reported that the organization is making maximum efforts to improve the service and quality of medical treatment in provincial hospitals.

In addition to mistakes in cancer treatment, there are a number of other mistakes made by doctors in the province that led to deaths.

For example, in a rural hospital, medicals did not perform all the necessary tests for a newborn, as a result of which the baby died a week later. In addition, the woman was given epidural anesthesia and there was some infection from which she died.

Manitoba Health has published a full report on the Internet and all people who want can read it on its official site. 

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