Canada increases immigration level for the next three years

Canada increases immigration level for the next three years

Immigration is a big question for all successful countries, to open the borders for refugees from other not so successful neighbors or not. Lately, all over the world hundreds of thousands of immigrants are moving to different countries, searching for a safe place and a better future for their families. Of course, the Canadian government desires to attract the brightest and skilled workers, not just refugees from poor countries, who are running from poverty and war. While some countries are actively trying to reduce the number of immigrants, Canada has announced that it wants more people to move into the country and make more visas available.

Next year the number of permanent residents will increase to 330,800, and then increase to 341,000 in 2020 and to 350,000 in 2021, which will make almost 1% of the Canadian population.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Goossen said the new immigration plan will benefit communities and businesses across the country and will contribute to Canada’s economic growth, as well as help maintain Canada’s competitiveness in the global economy.

The provinces of Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, and British Columbia also issued invitations this summer. Manitoba Stream Express Entry held three raffles in June and July (June 22, July 6 and 9), and a total of 448 letters of invitation were issued for candidates with a minimum of 519 points. This path is open to candidates who meet the criteria and have experience in one of the popular professions in the province. The Express Entry for Prince Edward Island issued invitations three times this summer (June 21, July 19 and August 16). 

Canada is always open to new immigrants with bright minds, creative minds and new ideas that will bring benefits to everyone in our country. New businessmen, new technology experts, doctors and web-developers, everyone and all are welcome in Canada. Together we will build and grow our great nation!