Protesters support Canada Post workers strike in Winnipeg

Canadian postal services are always ready for innovations and using it to help and serve the Canadian people. Postal services is a very important piece of modern life, millions of people and businesses rely on postal deliveries every day, so when it comes to striking of postal workers it will have a huge impact on the everyday life of smaller towns, big cities and industries, and the whole countries. The Canadian postal workers' rotation strike “has come” to Winnipeg and Brandon. Manitoba was the last province hit by members of the Canadian Postal Workers Union (CUPW).

CUPW reports that 1,500 people left work in Winnipeg at 10 pm local time on Sunday, November 11th and that workers are in Brandon, Manitoba supported the strike on midnight. The union said the Canada Post should sit down at the negotiating table to discuss the following issues: health and safety, equality for rural and suburban postal carriers and the suspension of unsustainable work.

Concerned Manitobans held a protest Monday at the Canada Post depot in downtown Winnipeg, calling for a fair deal for postal workers.

Dozens of members of the provincial labor movement gathered at a rally outside Canada Post on McDermot Avenue. At issue is what they call the Trudeau government’s decision to deny from postal workers their right to strike.

The protesters, ignoring the court’s decision to end the rotational strike of postal employees, continue to block access roads to the Canada Post sorting center in Ottawa. The strike was organized by the Ottawa Revolutionary Communist Party Department and the International Workers of the World, said picketers spokesman Alex Miller.

Members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers could be kicked out of the union if they go against CUPW’s pressure tactic of refusing overtime during the rotating strikes.

The strike will continue in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Montreal, according to the CUPW website.

The rotation strike returns to Winnipeg, forcing postal workers to suspend operations again.

An internal union memo to members obtained by Global News clearly spells it out:

“Working on your rotation day (RDO) is a violation of the National Overtime Ban. This is a legal strike action. All CUPW members must follow this direction. You will be subjected to Articles 8 charges under the National Constitution.”

In a press release, CUPW said: “Canada Post has taken some steps to address our key priorities, but we have a long way to go to achieve an agreed collective agreement.”

So now when the Canada Post employees are striking, the packages are not being delivered on time, customers are not happy and the online and offline stores losing business.