Fitness and health experts from Manitoba say how to stay fit during the holiday season

Fitness and health experts from Manitoba say how to stay fit during the holiday season

Manitoba fitness and health experts shared helpful tips on how to stay fit during the holidays.

The biggest problem for people who try to eat healthy and to exercise is how not to break their regimen during the holiday season. There are a lot of temptations to eat something tasty, but containing a large number of calories, and skip the workout.

Is it possible not to get depressed by the increased weight after the holidays?

So, here are several useful tips:

1. Focus on what you can eat, not what you can't eat

First of all, you should redirect your thoughts. Think about how many healthy dishes you can find on the holiday table, and how you can diversify your holiday menu. If you think that you deny yourself a lot of delicious foods, you most likely will not be able to stop eating everything you want. Or, you will have a bad mood.

2 Know what's good for you

All doctors recommend drinking plenty of water. This advice is especially useful during the holidays because water will help speed up the metabolism. Moreover, water will help to eat less food and, accordingly, fewer calories will get into the body. If you want, you can drink green tea. It is incredibly useful and will help not to gain excess weight. Do not forget about protein. Foods rich in protein should be your best friends on the holiday table.

3 Don't let "winter" be an excuse to skip the gym

Meetings with relatives, friends, holiday foods and generally cold weather outside the window can greatly hinder your workouts. Do not despair, there is a way out. You should try home workouts. Even 30 minutes a day will help keep the body in shape and burn calories eaten the previous evening.

4 Schedule something and stick to it

A day that was planned before can motivate you. Moreover, you will not think about how to spend your free time at the last moment. Be sure to include winter activities, for example, ice skating or skiing to your plan. You can combine business with pleasure in such a way.

5 Budget your calories

If you know that you are planning to eat a lot on the weekend, try to limit your calories during the week. You should also remember that not all holiday meals are bad for you. Sometimes it is worth refusing from a sweet sauce or mayonnaise and foods will contain two or three times fewer calories.

6 Don't do it alone

Find a friend who shares your views. It is ideal if this is someone from your family members. You can go for a walk or jog together instead of drinking high-calorie cocoa in a cafe. Also, your holiday table can become filled with healthier foods.

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