Life goes on: how not to get depressed during the holidays

Life goes on: how not to get depressed during the holidays

For some city dwellers, the holiday period can be quite complicated.

This is especially true for those who lost a loved one on the Christmas Eve. How not to get depressed and to find the strength to celebrate Christmas?

The representative of Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba shared several tips on how to survive the grief during the festive season. The most importantly, according to Tara Brousseau Snider, people should not pretend that nothing happened at the festive table. If they want to talk about a loved one who is no longer with them, they should do it.

“The problem with major holidays is that it all comes back,” she said. “It can be as raw as when you first felt you missed your loved one.”

Family tradition can help a lot of people during this period. Especially if there are children at home. It is not good to close inside. First of all, it is necessary to recognize that now life is different and everything will be different in the future.

“We show people that while we mourn and really miss that individual, life can go on,” she said. “It will never be the same, but we can keep going. We need to recognize life does go on and it can still be joyful. Sometimes it can be more joyful, because we understand sorrow, so we can learn from what we’re missing.”

The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba offers people the help of many volunteers that work during the festive season. They are working to help people if they call and ask for a piece of advice.

During the holidays, people are especially sentimental and want to share their stories. Do not be shy, there is always someone who will hear and help.

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