Winnipeg toy drive will give presents to a lot of children

Winnipeg toy drive will give presents to a lot of children

Brian Sanderson has been Santa’s helper for over 20 years. During this time, not only the residents of Winnipeg but the whole of Manitoba fell in love with him.

Brian created a festive mood all year round, he visited hundreds of shopping malls, toy stores and even starred in Christmas films. In the fall of 2018, Brian died and his wife was very worried that the spirit and magic of Christmas will disappear with his death.

Shelly Anthis started Winnipeg toy drive to make sure the memory of Brian is in the hearts of the inhabitants of Winnipeg.

Together with the elves and Brian's wife, she collected a lot of gifts that will be given to children in shelters throughout the entire festive period. There are many kids who want to get gifts and to know that Santa did not forget about them.

The festive season was always a very magical period for Brian and his wife, she was his assistant for many years. However, he did not remain Santa only at Christmas and had sweets and various treats for children who recognized him at other times of the year.

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