Be careful: scammers! 10 most popular ways that scammers use during the holiday period

Be careful: scammers! 10 most popular ways that scammers use during the holiday period

Winnipeg residents are actively preparing for the upcoming holidays and no one wants to fall into the hands of fraudsters. Manitoba experts told about 10 most popular methods that scammers use during the festive period to deceive the inhabitants of the city.

1. Look-Alike Websites

If you like online shopping, do not order on strange sites. These sites can be fake, scammers will take your money and you will never see the ordered goods.

2. Fake Shipping Notification

After purchasing anything online, you get shipping notification. Many scammers send fake shipping notifications so that you do not suspect that you have been deceived.

3. Social Media Gift Exchange

Many scammers have social media accounts and sell non-existent goods there. You should not buy anything from people you do not know.

4. Phony Charities

This type of fraud is especially popular during the holiday period because Christmas is the time of donations. Be careful and donate only to well-known organizations.

5. Grandparent Scam

Very often scammers call grandparents and say that their grandchildren are in trouble. After that, they ask for money. Warn your elderly relatives and friends.

6. Holiday Jobs

Many companies are looking for additional employees during the holiday period. However, scammers may ask you to fill in personal data online or to pay for a job.

7. Unusual Forms Of Payment

Use only proven payment methods when purchasing goods or services online.

8. Free Gift Cards

Scammers can use this method to find out your personal data and use it.

9. Travel Scams

Do not pay for tickets at unknown sites or with the help of unknown apps, it can be a hoax.

10. Puppy Scams

Pets are a very popular gift and scammers can get your money, but you will never see a puppy you bought.

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