Сar's hatch snatched just a week before Christmas

Сar's hatch snatched just a week before Christmas

A week before Christmas, Liam Turnock, a student from Winnipeg saw an unpleasant picture: the hatch of his car was stolen at night.

When his father told him to go out and look at his car, the guy decided that it was somebody's bad joke. However, he soon realized that everything was happening in reality.

"The first thing I thought is when my dad woke me up I thought it was a birthday or a Christmas present for me. I thought it was a big surprise, that he was just pulling my leg that the back of my car had been ripped off."

The guy works part-time at the pet store, and now he is left without a vehicle. At the same time, he was very surprised that the money left in the car was not taken by criminals.

Turnock called the police and told them what had happened, the police were also surprised that the money remained in the car, and the hatch was stolen.

"The lady that first responded laughed, really. She had never heard of something like this happening before." – Turnock said.

Video from surveillance cameras showed that the truck was driving past the car that night, most likely the criminals were in it. However, the quality of the video is very poor and the police have not yet been able to identify the car and its owners.

The police also suggested that the robbers were interested in the hatch, such crimes had already been seen in Manitoba. Most likely they needed to replace the hatch in the car and decided to do it in this way.

Now the guy is concerned that he was left without a car for three weeks on the eve of the holidays. This will create a very big inconvenience for him.

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