Fire at Hillside Beach community support centre

Fire at Hillside Beach community support centre

As per witnesses statements the 56-hundred square foot building located at Hillside Beach went up in flames just after midnight. Thankfully, no one was inside at the time.

The 36-bed lodge on Lake Winnipeg is run by Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata as a place for at-risk youth to receive counseling and services.

While not confirmed, it’s suspected the fire was caused by an electrical issue. The Fire Department still continues the investigation. More details and the reason for such destructive fire will be announced in the official report after the investigation is over.

A fire in a residential area is always scary and destructive incident, but not always is just an incident, in some cases, there is an intentional arson leads to a big fire. A little over a month ago a series of small fires happened in Point Douglas. A youth suspect was arrested a few days later. Police had arrested the 16-year-old on Granville Street near the scene of one of four fires that took place in the Point Douglas area between 4:10 and 4:18 a.m.

Police say the fires happened on Euclid Avenue, Lorne Avenue, and Granville Street and were started when two mattresses, a detached garage, and a porch chair were set alight. During the investigation and officers talking to the detained suspect, new detail came up, which led officers to another crime, they believe the teenager is responsible for. The Liquor Mart and the Mains Street was robbed, the alcohol was stolen by a young teenage boy, the arson suspect had been also charged with liquor theft from this store.

The teen was previously being investigated following a deadly house fire that claimed the life of an 11-year-old girl and her grandmother. But as per police, those small arsons, that he is responsible for, are not connected to the deadly house fire on Prince Edward Street the same day.