Winnipeg down town with no traffic lights

Winnipeg down town with no traffic lights

Everyone wants to get home faster, but sometimes you get stuck in traffic coming back from work, especially if you have to drive through downtown.

What can be worse than downtown traffic with all the cars and traffic lights, well… try downtown with all the electricity down? Yesterday was one of those days, the power went out and all traffic lights with it, cadets were in the middle of intersection handling traffic from all directions.

As shown in the photo, cadet working with vehicles crossing the street and signaling the direction and who`s turn to move. This, of course, will make the way home much more stressful and longer, than usual.

Fellow Winnipeggers, please be careful while driving, please don’t text and drive, keep our roads safe and easy to drive, be patient with each other and follow the rules and regulations, it is implemented for a reason, to make it safer to drive around.

Also, as we all know, in winter, you need to ride on winter tires, this is the law, but it is expensive. A few years ago, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) proposed to create a program that would allow everyone to purchase winter tires on credit, and even cover the “re-fitting” of cars, etc.

You can learn more about the program on the Manitoba Public Insurance website:

After all, at the end of the day, we all just want to return safely home to our families and loved ones!