Labrador named Sully saved the life on Saturday evening

Labrador named Sully saved the life on Saturday evening

On Saturday a Labrador named Sully saved a person’s life.

Lisa Marshall went for a walk with her dog, Labrador Sally, on Saturday evening. During the walk, Sully abruptly began to run off the path along which they were walking and, accordingly, began to pull her owner along.

At first, Lisa thought that Sully was just playing and wanted to run in the snow. However, after a while, she saw that Sully was leading her to a man who was lying in the snow.

"I'm like, 'slow down, slow down,' and he's just pulling me and I don't really think anything of it," Lisa said.

As it turned out, the dog saw the man’s glove, realized that he was in trouble and ran to help. The man probably slipped and fell down, there was a walker next to him.

The man did not respond to voice and touch. A woman wanted to call 911, but she found out there was no cell phone together with her. So, she ran to the neighbours and made the call. People also gave a blanket to cover the man and to try to warm him.

When the ambulance arrived, the man had already recovered. He was taken to hospital in a stable condition.

"You know, it's nice that he was able to lead me to him and then we could help somebody else out. And do something good for the world," Lisa Marshall said.

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