Winnipeg photographer takes unusual photos of squirrels

Winnipeg photographer takes unusual photos of squirrels

Since 2015, a photographer from Winnipeg has been taking photos of squirrels.

She imitates various human activities, but instead of people, squirrels play the role of the main characters there: they play golf or sit in a canoe.

“I think we need to embrace what people call ‘rodents,’” said Debbie Vokey. “I don’t like to use that term for the squirrels.”

“Over the years I’ve probably photographed maybe eight to 10 different squirrels,” she also said.

A woman finds miniature items for her photos on the Internet or at various exhibitions, fairs and stores. Sometimes she makes them with her own hands from items that are in her house. Using delicious treats, the photographer attracts squirrels to the place that is ready for a photo.

“If I want them to stay in the scene, I use peanut butter,” Vokey said.

While squirrels eat peanut butter, the woman takes a few photos, one of them will be successful for sure. Debbie takes pictures of squirrels in the backyard of her house and in her cottage house.

The photographer also said that this idea came to her mind at that moment when she realized that she wanted to increase people's love for nature and for the small animals who live near houses.

Naturally, all the animals are real, and no stuffed animal was used. They come for food, they are not trained. The woman simply arranges interesting scenery to make stunning shots.

On Vokey’s official website you can see all the works. 

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