A lot of people who came to Polo Park on Boxing Day were disappointed

A lot of people who came to Polo Park on Boxing Day were disappointed

A lot of people came to shopping to Polo Park on Boxing Day, but many of them were greatly disappointed - there were so many shoppers that they had to stand in lines for an hour and more.

Several buyers shared their opinions about shopping at Polo Park on December 26.

Darien Valentine came to Polo Park to buy an Xbox for his partner. He usually makes purchases on the Internet, but this time Valentine decided to go to the mall, so as not to wait until the parcel is delivered by mail.

“I thought I could get it here, instead of waiting in the mail, because the mail takes a long time,” he said.

The man had to stand on the street for several hours before he got inside and was able to buy something.

Another shopper, Brian Vroomen, also shared his impressions of shopping at Polo Park. He and his wife came from Ontario and they hoped to buy a tablet at a bargain price on Boxing Day. However, the man faced a huge number of people and very large lines.

“We've never done a Winnipeg Boxing Day sale and after today, we'll never do it again," Brian Vroomen said.

Polo Park general manager, Peter Havens, says that such attendance at Polo Park in Boxing Day is not surprising. As a rule, two days a year can show such amount of shoppers: this is Black Friday and Boxing Day. This year more than 100,000 people came to Polo Park on Black Friday, Boxing Day can show even greater attendance.

Peter Havens also added that in 2019 will be the year of big changes. Sellers will improve their services because now there is a huge competition not only among shops in shopping malls, but online stores have become the main rivals.

Sellers will try to find new approaches to attract more buyers and to make their shopping as comfortable as possible. Probably, large retail chains will offer all customers to fill in a questionnaire before they go shopping.

They will indicate their data and interests so that their shopping will take less time and personal consultants know what clothes to offer to customers in the store in advance. Cosmetic shops can also choose treatments that will be best for the particular type of skin and offer them to clients as soon as they enter the store, which saves the time very significantly.

In addition, most sellers are going to offer online fitting of clothes, shoes or applying makeup online. Thus, having come to the store, the order will be waiting for the customer.

2019 is going to show a lot of new changes in shopping to please clients and to satisfy their wishes to the maximum.

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