Children created cardboard masterpieces on Boxing Day

Children created cardboard masterpieces on Boxing Day

A lot of Manitoba kids learned to think outside the box this Boxing Day with the help of Manitoba's Children's Museum.

Christmas is a gift day, and most kids get their gifts in boxes. What to do with boxes after the holiday? Should kids throw everything away, or there are some alternatives?

The museum came up with a great idea: the children brought their boxes and made various cardboard masterpieces from them.

Desiree Barber, the program co-ordinator at the museum, explained:

"It's a very different idea for the Christmas holidays. You can get out of the house instead of shopping, you actually get to use the boxes in the literal term."

She added that children, together with their parents, can construct interesting figures, creativity unites families very much.

On Wednesday, more than 10 children came to the museum to make animals or other creatures from their boxes, which remained after the holiday. The museum also provided many boxes from their collection for children's creativity.

Manuel Moreno was creating a cardboard cat together with his family. The man said that when he heard about Boxing Day at the museum, he immediately thought that it was a great idea. So, instead of spending money at shopping malls, he brought his family to the museum to have fun there.

"Instead of Boxing Day, boxing, making stuff with boxing, I get it, I get," his son said. The boy has 2 cats living at his home, so he was especially interested in making a cat out of cardboard.

Other children who made a giraffe or a house with beds were also extremely happy to spend the day in such a way.

This is already the seventh year when the museum organizes such event for Manitoba kids. 

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