Winnipeg family stayed without luggage on Christmas vacation

Winnipeg family stayed without luggage on Christmas vacation

Christmas is a merry and happy holiday. However, for the Winnipeg family this year things turned out differently this year.

Jennifer Colpitts said that she and her family decided to go skiing to British Columbia for Christmas. They took a flight from Winnipeg to Kelowna on December 23. When the family arrived at the destination point, they understood that their luggage was lost.

“As we were there longer, and longer, we realized our bags are not coming,” Colpitts said.  

This family was not the only one who was waiting for the luggage at that moment.

“There were 30 or 40 people there without luggage, so my son picks us up and we went home and they said they're going to call us," Anne Novakoski who was also waiting for her luggage said.

The woman noted that she got her bags only on December 26.

Julie Rempel, head of marketing and communications for Flair Air explained that the baggage delay was due to the fact that it was not possible to load all the bags on the plane, and weather conditions did not allow to bring the baggage on time to the destination:

“The courier company could not deliver to Big White on the 24th and would not deliver on the 25th. On the 26th the roads were in poor conditions – so the courier could not complete the journey. We regret the passenger was without her baggage for an extended period of time.”

Jennifer saw her bags only on December 27 and she was really disappointed with the service and the lack of any information all these days.

“The injustice of this situation, sort of reaps a cloud over your head and on your vacation, you try to forget about it, just be positive and go with the flow,” Colpitts said.

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