Archival material was stolen from Art City on Christmas

Archival material was stolen from Art City on Christmas

The community art studio Art City was broken into on Christmas evening. As a result of hacking, a lot of archive materials were stolen by unidentified people.

Art City managing director Josh Ruth asks criminals to return the digital disk which contained archival materials for the last 20 years, they can not be restored.

"Our organization has been around for 20 years. We've seen kids come up through the program and come back after years and years as adults and with their own kids, so it means so much to have access to those records," the man explained.

The organization has already reported to the pawnshops about the disc in the hope that thieves will try to sell the stolen materials. Also, Art City offers a reward for the return, and they will not even ask any questions to those who bring the digital disk.

"We're talking on a lot of information that is vital for us to have and really not of much use to anybody else," Ruth noted.

"A place like Art City, it's not just about making art, it's not just about feeding hungry bellies, it's also about creating a sense of belonging and a sense of ownership and pride in your community," Ruth said.

"And the photographs the documentation of the kids participation at Art City is incredibly valuable for creating that sense of belonging and maintaining it."

If you have any information about the location of the digital disk, do not hesitate and inform Josh Ruth.

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