Art City finally returned the stolen digital disc

Art City finally returned the stolen digital disc

Art City had not the best Boxing Day this year – someone broke into the building and stole some equipment and a digital disk containing information for the last 20 years.

The next day after the theft, Art City asked to return the disk because it contained very valuable archival information that was not available anywhere else.

On Saturday, local pawnshops reported good news - they can return the missing printers and hard drive for a cash reward.

"The individual did show up, they refused to come inside because of our security camera. Our employee, out of her bravery and courage, went to an ATM, took money out and paid him," Art City managing director Josh Ruth said. "It seems clear the person knew what this item was, and that we were really looking for it. It was the only thing they returned."

The organization is now planning to digitize the disk in order to protect the information it contains in the future. Furthermore, the security system will be significantly upgraded.

"Learn from our mistake, and use us as a cautionary tale ...There are some very real challenges facing our city," said Ruth. "We need to all be conscious and mindful and make sure we're not leaving ourselves in a vulnerable position."

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