Winnipeg teacher, Chrystie Fitchner, finally tells her story

Winnipeg teacher, Chrystie Fitchner, finally tells her story

Winnipeg teacher told her story after many years.

Chrystie Fitchner said that she had lost everything. For 8 years she did not dare to tell her story and was an outcast in Manitoba. But she can no longer be silent.

8 years ago, her dance, along with another school teacher, became viral on the Internet, it appeared in newspapers, and even on talk shows. The 41-year-old teacher lost her job. Then she lost her apartment and lost everything that was dear to her in life. Chrystie slept in her car and was looking for a place to spend the night among friends.

"I definitely contemplated suicide a few times," Fitchner said. "I feel like people thought, 'Oh, she'll just pick up and carry on and get a new job.' It does not happen. I lost everything. I really, really did."

In her first interview after so many years, the woman admitted that she had to leave Canada to put her health and life in order. She began a new life as the wife of a fireman and the mother of two children. However, in professional terms, her life is over. The lap-dance that saw the whole world ruined her life.

Now, Chrystie occasionally can work as a teacher but no school takes her to the full-time position. She really wants to go back home to Manitoba, however, probably this will not happen in the coming decades.

Fitchner worked at the Churchill school for about 2 years. In February 2010, she together with another teacher she had to show dance and to compete with other teachers. However, her dance partner began to imitate sex scenes while dancing. In order not to spoil the performance, Chrystie played up to the man.

"It's in that moment I realized this wasn't good. I was so embarrassed. And then my colleague stood up, with his hands raised up, as if this was the most glorious moment to be proud of."

Many parents and teachers were shocked by their behaviour. Chrystie was fired. Video spread on the Internet in a few minutes. The woman went through months of depression and anxiety.

Now Chrystie Fitchner is happy, her family is the greatest joy in her life. However, she misses her work and dreams of returning to the full teaching in the future.  

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Chrystie Fitchner Winnipeg teacher lap-dance
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