Manitoba woman was left on the street by a taxi driver on the New Year’s Eve

Manitoba woman was left on the street by a taxi driver on the New Year’s Eve

A 23-year-old resident of Manitoba said that a taxi driver left her on the street far from the destination on the New Year’s Eve.

The driver told Jaylene Irwin to get out of the car about 6 km from her house at about 2 am. It was –27 C outside. Irwin celebrated the new year with her friends in Winnipeg. When she realized that she needed to go home, the woman stopped Duffy's Taxi near the café where they were celebrating the holiday.

When she said the address, the driver told her something like wow, that was very far.

"I pretty much was like, 'Please, there's no other cabs. And he said OK. So we started driving and immediately he wanted me to pay for the cab right upfront," Jaylene said.

The woman explained that she would pay as soon as they get to Westwood, and even showed the money she was going to give to the driver. However, when they reached Portage and Ferry, he stopped the car and ordered Jaylene to get out of the car.

"I was shocked at first for sure. There's nobody around. I'm in tiny heels and a skirt. And you're going to kick me out? He's like, 'I can't take you. You have to get out,'" she said.

The woman tried to talk to the driver and to explain how dangerous it was for her to be left alone on the street, but she realized that it was safer for her to get out of the car because the man was very angry.

So, she was alone on the street, and it was–27 C. Irwin tried to call her mother, but her phone was not working.

The woman began to walk toward the house and after a while the passing car stopped. Several guys were inside the car and offered to give her a lift home. Irwin was very worried because they were strangers and her life could be at great risk. However, she had no choice, since in such a frost she would hardly have got home healthy.

Fortunately, the guys turned out to be very cute and got the girl home safe and sound.

Duffy's Taxi refused to comment on the situation. However, according to other residents of the city, this s not the first time of something similar.

Christine Brouzes from Ikwe Safe Rides said: "I'm terrified to hear that she had to be saved and picked up by Good Samaritans. What if they weren't, you know? I worry about the women and young girls that go missing of all cultures and backgrounds."

She added that after the incident, all taxi services should conduct additional driver training on ethical behaviour and services rules. 

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