Winnipeg resident with disabilities got stuck in the snow

Winnipeg resident with disabilities got stuck in the snow

Do all the inhabitants of Winnipeg rejoice in the snow? Absolutely not!

Snow on the roads of the city is a big problem for people with disabilities who to use wheelchairs for movement.

Kate Grisim shares a story that happened to her a few days ago. So, the woman was in the Grant Park Shopping Centre, and then, using her usual route, she tried to get to the bus stop, which she has been using for many years to get home.

However, the woman could not do that because of the large amount of snow on the street. Moreover, Kate got stuck in one of the snowdrifts and for about 10 minutes she had to wait for the help of passers-by in the cold.

When she was finally released, Grisim was able to get to the bus stop and went home.

“Not everyone has to deal with this. You just want to relax with friends and you’re not actually able to access public space, which is a problem. “The stop is kind of cleared, but getting to the bus stop isn’t too clear, which you think would be common sense.”- the woman explained.

The woman decided not to disregard her situation and immediately phoned several news channels and contacted the city authorities. The city authorities explained that the street leading to that bus stop had priority 3 and it would be cleared of snow after zones with priority 1 and 2. All bus stops are cleared together with the roads along which buses go.

“It’s causing disabled people and others to not feel comfortable going out and that’s very sad.” Grisim said.

After the complaint, the road where the woman in the wheelchair got was stuck was cleared of snow. The city also asks the rest of the city’s residents to call 311 in case of any problems associated with snow removal in Winnipeg. 

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