Do you want to improve your life in 2019? Canada Health knows how

Do you want to improve your life in 2019? Canada Health knows how

New Year - new life! Many residents of Manitoba want to improve their health, their mood and, in general, their lives in 2019.

Health Canada experts shared the main changes people need to make in order to achieve their goals.

First of all, they need to think about what they need to get rid of in their life and only then about what to add to it.

So, 4 things that should be left in the old year:


If you want to become healthier, you should forget about anger. Anger is a natural emotion in our body, but it can lead to serious health problems. A person can experience depression, constant anxiety, headaches, and so on.


Resentment can be no less harmful than anger. Try to concentrate more on the good and positive traits of the people around you. In such a way, you'll leave less room for resentment. Avoiding of resentment is really beneficial to your mental health because holding emotions inside affects you as much as anger.

Negative self-talk

All our thoughts are material. Instead of telling yourself that you are not beautiful or smart enough, look at your beneficial sides. Negative thoughts settle in the head and lead to psychological problems.


Now many people look at the ideal lives of other people in social networks and they do not want to be worse. Do not forget that people show only good sides of their lives, they rarely show their daily routine and problems. However, they all have them, even the most ideal people. Take a break from social networks and look at your life from the side. You will see that everything is not so bad! If you want to improve your self-esteem, sign up for a fitness club, make a new haircut or buy new shoes, and pay less attention to how other people live.

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