Health Canada started campaign to reduce the number of vaping teens

Health Canada started campaign to reduce the number of vaping teens

The problem of vaping in Canada is very relevant now, because more young people are addicted to it, and the teens from Manitoba are no exception.

Due to the increasing popularity of vaping, Health Canada decided to warn the youth of all possible risks.

Maryse Durette, one of the representatives of Health Canada, said:

“The vaping market is evolving rapidly, with the regular introduction of new products into Canada.”

She added: “We are aware of both anecdotal information and unpublished research showing increases in the rate at which Canadian youth are trying and using vaping products.”

The first step of the campaign was to raise awareness among parents of all the risks associated with vaping to make them speak with their children in the future. The campaign started in November. The information was shared mainly in social networks, but there were also advertising posters in many major cities of the province.

The next campaign step will be aimed directly at the teens between 14 and 18 (according to several studies, this age is associated most of all when it comes to vaping).

Unfortunately, Health Canada can not provide the exact data on the number of teens having this bad habit, but preliminary data show that in the near future indicators may reach the critical level.

Durette also explained that the organization is ready to take maximum measures to protect as many teens as possible and to save their health.

Manitoba school principals also reported that over the past year, the number of students who began to vape almost doubled. One of school principals said that he is sure that the absence of washroom doors and the system of fines can prevent students from vaping at school.

The fine for using the vape at school, or for bringing it to the school can be up to $300, each school principal has the right to decide this at the local level.

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