Breath check for alcohol even at home

Breath check for alcohol even at home

In Canada laws regarding the empowerment of local police have been revised, and now any driver in the country risks losing the driver license. As it turned out law enforcement officers could check if a person drank alcohol even at his home or at a bar when a person didn’t even think to get behind the wheel after a drink. It is enough just to have ″reasonable suspicion ″ for the officer to perform a breath test.

However, now in Canada on this basis, any driver is at risk of being left without a driver license.

That is, you can travel all day by car, put it in the parking lot, drink some of the strong drinks at home. And at this time the police will come to you and force to take a breath test. This will be enough reason for the arrest, send a person to court, give a fine or even to revoke the driver license.

Lawyers believe that such police functions can be used by people who want to settle personal scores with someone, for example, divorced spouses. At the same time, experts point out that it will be difficult for a person to prove that he was not intoxicated when he was driving.

Local authorities believe that the revision of the law should reduce the number of fatalities on the roads, since many of the accidents were related to violation of driving regulations, including drunk driving.

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