Teenagers robbed Liquor Mart

Teenagers robbed Liquor Mart

There is a huge amount of thefts in liquor marts nearly 1500 reported last year, which a big increase in comparison to previous years 2017 and 2016. This statistics is at least concerning, but also shows a bigger problem in the city where crime lever constantly rises and police are not capable of preventing from increasing every year.

In Winnipeg, a group of teenagers decided to have fun and break a law, which led to all of them arrested after a break-and-enter to a Henderson Highway Liquor Mart.

All arrested, ages from 14 to 16, are now in Winnipeg Police custody. They ran into a store and start making noise, knocking the bottles on the ground and taking alcohol with them, they managed to walk away with alcohol worth approximately $740, the worth of damages are still unknown.

Police were called and with the help of the K9 Unit, officers tracked and arrested the suspects.

Winnipeg police said that security staff of these stores is not doing their job, not doing enough to prevent thefts like this from happening in their stores, but also often employees do not even try to intervene or confront thieves when such crimes occur.

As police said, criminals just walk into the store, take the liquor and simply leave, guards do not try to stop them. The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries had a statement go public, where they claim such incidents are getting out of hand and dangerous for employees and other store customers when criminal are being confronted. At some point, simple robbery can turn into a life-threatening situation if guards are involved, so in many cases, people just chose to do not intervene, to stay safe and alive.

Andrea Kowal spokesperson for Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries said that police should be doing more to protect the stores from these robberies and also focus on investigation and arrests instead of blaming the store employees and guards in not doing their job when people are just scared for their lives. As of now many of the thieves were identified, but only a few of them were actually arrested.

The investigation still continues, the Major Crimes Unit is working at the scene with evidence and witnesses.

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