West End residents do not feel safe in their homes

Due to the violence that occurs because of meth crisis in the city Winnipeggers do not feel safe.

After the events that happened this week in the apartment building in West End in Winnipeg, people feel a lot of fear.

On Tuesday morning, a suspicious man was spotted by surveillance cameras near a store close to Maryland Street. The video showed that a man was wandering around the store and then decided to follow the man, which led him to the apartment building.

Several residents of the house told what happened.

"When the paramedics arrived he seemed to get very distressed, agitated, almost like he didn't want to lose his high," said one of the residents.

"He just started pushing and walking past the police, and then he proceeded to come back down the stairs.… I opened my door just to peek out and he started pointing and yelling, 'That person's beating their wife!'" another resident explained.

"He jumped at me and he proceeded to start punching my face, and he just kept punching and punching," the tenant said.

Now people say they want to move from the house in which they lived for more than 5 years because they fear for their lives. Meth crisis in the city has a great negative impact on the ordinary inhabitants of Winnipeg.

The residents of the house also want a man to be blamed for all the attacks.

"He needs to be held accountable for his actions, whether he was fully aware of what he was doing or not aware at all."

The police report that such incidents are not new and they began to occur quite often in the city. People who use meth are very unpredictable and it takes more and more efforts for the city to cope with the problem. Moreover, very often they are armed and this can lead to huge negative consequences.

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Meth crisis West End violence
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