Winnipeg retailers complain about baby formula thefts

Winnipeg retailers complain about baby formula thefts

Winnipeg retailers explain that they need to improve the security system because baby formula became product number one that is stolen in the shops.

Munther Zeid, the owner of Food Fare store, said that thefts have greatly increased lately.

“I would say more than half was being stolen,” he stated. “It’s almost at the point where you have to put all those hot commodities under lock and key.”

Now baby formula is locked up behind the cash register in his store. However, he is not the only who has faced such thefts. The owners of some Safeway and Superstore also began to lock up baby formula.

“Theft in general has been up dramatically in the last year, year and a bit — cheese, meats, milk, tide pods, things that are hot commodities, and easy sales. It’s ridiculous.”

Walmart also added additional cameras to the stores.

Munther Zeid shared the idea that thieves are not going to resell stolen goods.

“People that are stealing it are stealing it because they need it for their addiction or for whatever reason they need money for but it’s not being stolen because of need.”

The representative of Winnipeg Harvest also commented on the current situation in the city:

“It’s a really costly item, and something necessary for helping babies grow. So I think under certain pressures, people need to use us for assistance and we’re able to provide that item if we can.”

Store owners hope that the problem will be solved in the near future and residents of the city will not have problems buying baby formula.

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