Missing person found safe in Winnipeg

Missing person found safe in Winnipeg

A missing person is always a tragedy for the family and friends. People have no rest, can’t sleep peacefully, when a family member is not at home and safe. But the police and family members work hard every day to locate the missing person and provide help if needed. One of such cases unfold in Winnipeg and missing teenage boy was found.

An 18-year-old Pierse Munroe of Winnipeg was reported missing by family members and local police started a search operation.

Munroe was last seen Thursday, January 24th morning in St. Vital. He’s described as 5’10”, with a slim build and short, dark brown hair.

But the most recent update from local police department stated, that missing teenager was found safe and returned to the family.

There is another Winnipegger still missing. A 29-year-old Tanys Lee Hughes was last seen on November 29th in the northern Manitoba community. Police say she told her family she was headed to Winnipeg and has not been seen or heard from since.

Hughes is described as 5’4″ with short, brown hair and was last seen wearing a red parka and black pants.

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Hughes has been missing for over a month now, her family and friends still have hopes to find her alive and well. Police officers say they had seen many missing person cases, where even after a couple of months of search, the person would just show up in good health.

Fellow Winnipeggers, lets help with what we can to locate a missing person, she may be your friend, neighbor or nobody to you, but she is one of us, citizens of Manitoba. Please contact your local police department with any useful information to help locate a missing woman.

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