Video games come alive in Activate Games in Winnipeg

Video games come alive in Activate Games in Winnipeg

Now, all video game lovers can forget about controllers and old sofas, because Escape room creators offer a completely new approach.

Do you like to play video games? Then you should definitely visit a new place that was opened on Thursday on Portage Avenue. There you will find 11 game rooms that offer to solve very complex tasks.

It all started when a couple from Winnipeg opened The Real Escape Canada. Firstly, they thought it would be a hobby since everyone had his own career. However, after a while, The Real Escape Canada became such a popular place that Adam and Megan left their works without a doubt and devoted themselves to games.

This time, the couple wanted to create something really new and interesting.

"The problem with solving a puzzle is once it's solved, it's solved forever," said Adam. "We wanted to make an active, replayable facility."

For several years they were coming up with the concept of a new place, more than 65 people helped them.

"We knew we had the talent here to produce any of those rooms," said Adam. "We had to determine whether that's fun, whether it's fun for people and whether or not young people can play it and old people can play it."

Each player receives a bracelet after entering. Then he walks along a dark corridor and his path ends at the doors to 11 rooms. Each room contains different activities and tasks that need to be solved.

Despite the fact that Activate Games is very new, its creators are sure that it will be very popular and even plan to organize something similar in other cities.

"When you go into a room and you play it, you're not only playing against your friends and everyone else in Winnipeg but soon your scores will be compared throughout the country," Adam said.

A 90-minute session costs $25.

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