Several highways re-opened in Manitoba

Several highways re-opened in Manitoba

Every winter in Winnipeg there is special parking rules implemented to help snow cleaning services move the equipment around the city and clean the streets to make it possible and safe to drive and get to work and back home. The city authorities use special signs to mark places that are prohibited from parking, which are priorities for snow removal.

As of 6:30 p.m. Sunday, January 27th the following highways were closed:

  • Highway 432, from Highway 201 to Highway 23
  • Highway 2, from Starbuck to St. Claude
  • Highway 3, from Sperling to Highway 31
  • Highway 201, from Highway 12 to Highway 32
  • Highway 13, from Carman to Elm Creek
  • Highway 14, from Rosenfeld to Highway 3
  • Highway 23, from Miami to Highway 3
  • Highway 428, from Highway 32 to Highway 23

Southern Manitoba experienced a number of highway closures due to falling snow and low visibility Sunday, however, they were re-opened later Sunday evening.

For more detailed and recent information, please visit the link below:

Also, there were some schools in the Red River Valley School Division that had to be closed due to harsh weather conditions.

Schools in the western region of the Borderland School Division are closed today including those in Emerson, Dominion City, Altona, Gretna, and Rosenfeld.

École Sainte-Agathe is closed.

École Saint-Jean-Baptiste is closed.

Faith Children’s Centre in St. Vital will not be transporting children to school.

Woodlands Community Hall Bingo cancelled for tonight.

To all the drivers in our city, please pay attention to the parking signs and not only to avoid the fine or your vehicle being towed away but also to help our city road services to clear the roads and streets of snow, to do not block the work of the snow plowing equipment. They are working hard and in severe weather conditions to make our street a safe place to drive.

Residential Parking Ban: used in extreme snowfalls, where all residential streets are assigned a snow zone that determines when there will be a 12-hour snow clearance period on the street.

Snow Emergency: The mayor can announce this at any time.

Temporary No Parking: Signs will appear indicating that individual streets are temporarily in the process of clearing snow.

A snow route parking ban is now in effect, however, it starts at midnight, not the usual 2 a.m.

Vehicles parked in any of these areas will receive a $ 100 fine, the bans will be valid until March 1st. Fellow Winnipeggers let`s all be responsible and polite drivers, it is easy just to follow the rules and parking signs, city authorities are working to do everything to make Winnipeg great and safe place to work and to live in!

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